"Know thyself"-inscribed at the Temple of Appollo at Delphi

About - due to covid all group readings can be done online. 

Aylan will connect with Spirit to channel any passed loved ones and to inform clients of whatever they may need to hear. . If there are any questions, they will be held until the end of the session: limited to one or two questions.

A Turkish coffee reading is an ancient method of fortune telling. The client will drink a cup of Turkish coffee and Aylan will be able to read the client’s present and future through the energy transferred into the coffee grinds. 

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About Aylan


When you feel something is nudging at you over and over again but are not sure what that is it is spirits way of messaging you to become aware of something. We all came to this Earth with a predetermined life purpose. Everyday we either inch toward it or need some help figuring it out. I help people tap into their higher self for clarity and answers.

Coffee Readings

Turkish coffee readings are used as a way to connect to the Metaphysical in a most visual creative way. My lineage of Turkish and Cypriot ancestry goes back centuries of fortune tellers.


Aylan is located in the Caledon, Ontario area. Schedule an appointment today to experience a unique spiritual awakening.


Aylan has given me a whole new perspective on my life. Through her highly advanced abilities to connect to spirit, she has opened up possibilities that I never thought existed"

Pauline A.